inter house competition

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inter house competition

Post by the governor on Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:00 am

nick has suggested that we should have another inter house competition which is a very good idea
sunday the 3rd of august
however i have been looking at a singles/doubles ladder system which i think could be more fun.
the ladder system works how it says we are all on a rung of the ladder and you can only challenge the person directly above you which means that because of our inconsistent ability at times the ladder is always changing there are 2 prizes to win the obvious is for the person finishing at the top of the ladder at the close of play we could use both boards the 2nd prize could either be the person at the bottom of the ladder or a random place drawn from a hat at the end of play.
lets have some feedback on this matter and get it organised you lot choose which way you want to play.
we will get a sheet up for names to go on
anyone wanting to donate towards the prize fund is very welcome to do so and should we pay an entrance fee? i will have a chat with teresa and charlie to let them know what our intentions are and to see if we can boost the coffers a little.
the governor
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