Nags Head Post Mortem

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Nags Head Post Mortem

Post by Walshy on Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:07 am

Really thought we were going to win last night - Nick had to rush in from a fag break to play 1st leg and couldn't get his focus - thought it very unsporting that their player didn't shake hands afterwards - too wrapped up in his victory. The Tedge played superbly (until the double..) but still managed to sink double 5 when it mattered.
Ringo and Steve didn't quite get their eye in (the lads form the Nags did hit some high scores whether by accident or design??)
Trev re-appeared to pull one back and I thought Adam would be a certainty to make it 3 all.
Despite being 4 -2 down I was fully confident of staving off the defeat and even against the arrows and with their Taz playing well should have finished on 18 darts - then to miss 6 more darts at double 16......... Bugger !!!
Matt had his chance to win - he was so close with the bull after picking off the single 16 and well done to Ryan, he kept plugging away and a lovely double 3 to finish (the hardest double on the board in my opinion).

So a 6 - 3 loss, we need to gather ourselves for the next game and start putting points on the board.

Further congratulations to Matt for winning killer in a tense final showdown with Sean.

And last but not least, Many Happy Returns to Teresa on her special day :29 - thank you for the drinks and a lovely gesture from Charlie with the champagne.

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