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Post by Walshy on Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:10 am

Nice to see everyone last night, enjoyed the darts (Donna u got u r ass whupped !!) and catching up with the latest gossip.

The meeting seemed to wander a bit but in summary the Ladies team for Tuesday is sorted - The Mixed team for Tuesday is also sorted and the Mens team for Wednesday will consist of some existing teammates, some ex Catchems players (previously barred by Teresa and Charlie) and if the team move venue to Horse & Jockey, there are some darters there who will join up.

I understand everyone's viewpoint and hope that others will understand and respect my position in siding with family and close friends over people I don't know (except by reputation which although I try not pre-judge anyone and suss them out myself, the incidents I have been told about have to have a bearing on my decision)

You all know I love darts and I had already signed on for the mens darts new season when we played last game of season at Vernon and will keep my registration in place in the hope that everything will settle down and get back to normal - although that will largely depend on the new landlord and the clientele who frequent the pub.

Whatever, let's enjoy the forthcoming seasons in all the leagues and good luck to all the teams.

Still got the interhouse to play on Wed 8th October - anyone think they can prise the trophy from my grasp?

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