Interhouse tonight

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Interhouse tonight

Post by Walshy on Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:38 am

Well the last trophy of the darts season is up for grabs tonight - will Steve make it a hat-trick and reclaim his crown which slipped has been passed to Geoff and me over the last couple of seasons?

Perhaps Adam the "ice man" will claim it, he was unlucky to lose win percentage and highest average after a really great season, only slightly fading towards the last few matches.
Mossey will want to prove his highest average was no fluke (and as there are no woman playing his nerve should hold !)

What about Ringo and Sean - both hit 180's last night during mixed doubles practice matches.

Nick who hit 180 in the mens pairs is throwing steady arrows and keepoing all 3 in the scoring zone, and of course Trev and Tedge are always forces to be reckoned with.

Paul may now have totally recovered the use of his leg and we all know he can score highly or maybe young Geoff will re-appear and use his smooth unique style to grab some silverware?

Matt and Ryan I understand will be absent, which is a shame judging on their finishing prowess - Matt with the best doubles percentage and Ryan hitting form at the tail end of the season.

Bet Fred say it is too close to call but I have been practising hard and will not be easily de-throned so bring it on !!! Laughing smiley darts


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